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How Do You Right-Click on a Mac?

I know this sounds like a dumb question, especially to most Windows users. That is, until you see the mice and trackpads made by Apple: They have NO buttons! Instead, the entire mouse or trackpad IS a button that you press down for a “click”. And that's what tends to confuse

What Is The Mac Desktop? — Make Sense of the Mac OS X Screen

The Mac Desktop is your virtual workspace in Apple's OS X. It's the starting point for all the work (and play) you do on your Mac, and the screen over which everything floats. That can be a little confusing, because most people associate the word “desktop” with

Mac Computers Sale: 3 Ways to Get a Sensible Price

Let's face it: Apple's computers are expensive. Everyone's looking for a Mac computers sale. Here are the best ways and places to get a sensible price online. While the bad news is that Apple tends to charge a premium for the Mac experience, the good news is