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IMDb_ProfileHello, everyone. I am Scott, and I have been a Mac user since 1987, when I was first introduced to one in the computer lab in college.

Or, maybe I should say I introduced myself to one.

Unlike most of my fellow engineering students at the time, I didn't run into the lab and just jump in with both feet. Sure, I thought it was a thing of beauty, but I was intimidated. Kind of like the stereotypical chubby bald guy staring affectionately at the fashion model at the other end of the bar — I wanted to approach, but felt way out of its league.

I must have walked by that computer lab a hundred times before finally getting up the courage to walk in and sign up to use one.

I picked up a floppy-disk from the lab monitor, walked over to an available MacIntosh, sat down, and inserted the disk. To my delight, it was the easiest thing in the world to learn! That introductory disk ran a simple program of lessons that introduced me to the MacIntosh experience: how to use the mouse and keyboard, creating and printing out documents, even drawing pictures.

It was so intuitive and easy, that I fell in love, and my life was changed right there on the spot.

Unfortunately, things have changed since those days of simplicity. In the 25 years since, the MacIntosh has become simply the Mac, and Apple has changed their focus from introducing newbies to the Mac experience — like it did for me — to making the experience better and more intuitive for experienced users.

And, that disappoints me.

Why another website dedicated to the Mac?

Also, in those 25 years since, I have become somewhat of an advocate and teacher of the Mac. I've helped friends pick out the right Mac computer for them to purchase. I've taught elderly friends and family how to “play a little catch-up” with the world and computers. I get calls several times a week from friends, and friends of friends, with questions about their Mac, and requests to help solve their problems.

Some of my friends call me their “mac guru”, and my mother refers to me as “my son, the computer expert”. But, I don't see it that way.

Honestly, I simply want everyone to love using their Macs, and find it as easy, liberating, and life-changing as I do.

I remember the intimidation I felt all those years ago when I stalked that MacIntosh computer lab for weeks before stepping in. I know what it's like to want to learn how to use a computer, and not know how to approach it.

So, I created this website to help me do what I enjoy: helping people to make the most out of the Mac experience.

I am going to do that by sharing my personal experiences over the years. I'll share some of the questions I get from friends, and the answers I give them.

I'll also give you my opinions and recommendations on books, software and programs, and hardware like printers and stuff that I think you'll find useful.

I hope you'll also entrust me with YOUR questions and opinions. If you ever need any help or support in your Mac adventures, please share a question or concern by posting it to the comments section at the bottom of this page, or any of the various pages on this site. I'l do my best to answer them.

Anyway, I wish you the best of luck in learning how to use your Mac, and in making the best of the experience. I will delighted if something here on this website helps you to really “click” with your Mac!



Founder of ClickWithYourMac.com
Email: scott@clickwithyourmac.com


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